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Meerkats beat Vinnie Jones to most-liked TV ad of the year / Nielsen’s survey | TheMarketingblog

“Animals have replaced celebrities as the new stars of many of the nation’s favourite TV ads in 2012″ / Nielsen’s survey

by Will Corry on December 29, 2012 in Advertising, BIG Data, Lead story, Media, Online Advertising, Online Video, Research, Retail, TV, Videos

Meerkats beat Vinnie Jones to most-liked TV ad of the year as animals continue replacing celebs in British public’s affections

The meerkats have fended off Vinnie Jones to claim top spot in the most-liked TV ads of 2012, as animals become increasingly effective at engaging with the British viewing public at the expense of celebrities.

CompareTheMarket’s meerkats were also the stars of the most-liked TV ad in 2010 but were beaten to first place last year by Aldi supermarket’s gin-loving pensioner. Price comparison brand CompareTheMarket is the only advertiser to appear in the annual top 10 creative TV spots in each of the last three years, whilst retailer John Lewis is the only one to appear twice.

Animals star in four of 2012’s top 10 ads – compared to just two in both 2010 and 2011 – whilst a further two ads feature them prominently. However, according to the UK’s most comprehensive on-going analysis of how the viewing public engages with TV ads, just one of the top 10 ads this year features a celebrity, compared to two in 2011 and four in 2010.

The most-liked ads of the year is compiled by global information and insights company Nielsen using over 1.25 million survey results from viewers watching evening TV in the UK. Scores for likeability and memorability have been tracked every day for each of this year’s nearly 7,000 new ads, shortly after each has been broadcast.

Darren Moore, vice president for advertising effectiveness at Nielsen explains: “Animals have replaced celebrities as the new stars of many of the nation’s favourite TV ads in 2012, and we expect their effectiveness as brand icons and storytellers to continue as a theme next year.

“Advertisers are triggering the best response by tapping into deeper human connections, such as with animals or through powerful emotions such as romance (John Lewis) or children returning home (Cathedral City). Even humour has had less of an impact this year with only four of the 10 most-liked ads using this theme to successfully engage viewers, compared to nine last year.”

The British Heart Foundation, utilising footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones to promote emergency resuscitation (CPR), is one of two “non-profit” organisations in the top 10 – the first time this has happened in Nielsen’s survey. The other is Thinkbox, the marketing trade body for commercial UK TV, which has successfully used animals in a series of ad spots to promote TV advertising itself. From this series, the ‘dog and rabbit friends’ ad was the most liked.

Nielsen’s Moore concludes: “The glaring, and surprising, omission is that not a single Olympic or sport-related ad features amongst the most liked in what has been the most successful year in the history of British sport. Advertisers may need to work harder to find out why sports ads are not connecting as well with a nation that loves its sport if their ads are to appear on the winners’ podium in 2013.”

The likeability index is a measure of the number of TV viewers who like an ad they saw, and whose brand they can remember, during the normal course of their TV viewing.

Most Liked TV Ads 2012

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Advertisers can now measure both 'reach' and 'resonance' of online campaigns within the same Nielsen ad effectiveness suite / Nielsen


LONDON – 13 December 2012 – Nielsen, a global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, is today announcing the UK rollout of Nielsen Online Brand Effect – a measurement and optimisation solution which allows advertisers, agencies and publishers to evaluate the resonance of their online campaigns with audiences in real time. 

The system uses classic ‘brand lift’ metrics – improvements in awareness, attitude, favourability, purchase intent, or preference – to quantify the resonance of branded ads.

It also identifies which attributes of an ad are driving performance, including creative execution, site delivery and impact of frequency of exposure. This is all done in real time, giving stakeholders the chance to optimise and make changes in flight to increase campaign performance.

“Ideally, brand advertisers would never spend a dollar on advertising they don’t measure and optimise,” explains Nielsen European lead for advertising solutions Claudia Pardo. “Now, Nielsen Online Brand Effect gives the industry the tools to measure and optimise many more online advertising campaigns than previously feasible. The underlying technology ensures the solution is easy to deploy and manage, making it cost-effective enough to be used on the majority of campaigns.”

She continues: “Measuring an ad’s impact once the campaign is over is too late. To gain the greatest benefit, advertisers, their agencies and online publishers need to understand the reach and resonance of their ads at each and every step of the campaign – they can then adjust the plan while there’s still time to make a real difference. The boost to brand lift can be significant.”

Alistair Smith, global insight manager at the Financial Times, said: "Our use of Online Brand Effect studies on behalf of a number of global advertising clients has helped us demonstrate the effectiveness of in building and improving brand awareness with an influential business audience. Having previously relied heavily on click-through rates, the tool allows advertisers to see an immediate response to their branding campaigns.”

Nielsen Online Brand Effect is also available in the US and Australia. In the US, publishers using the system’s unique collaborative optimisation process with advertisers and agencies have generated on average 30 percent higher ‘brand lift’ for their sites.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Events : How marketers can use social media to engage with customers and other audiences cost effectively SocialMarketing:2013

Make your social marketing strategy work for you

One day conference, Thursday 28th February 2013

SocialMarketing:2013 is a one day conference that aims to cut through the jargon and look at how marketers can use social media to engage with customers and other audiences cost effectively.

Our theme for this year’s conference is content, and how, properly used, it drives engagement and changes consumer behaviour.

Organised by and the Institute of Promotional Marketing and supported by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, this full day event takes place in the stylish and historic Courthouse Double Tree, 19-21 Great Marlborough Street, London, just off Regent Street
Whether you're client or agency side, SocialMarketing:2013 will ensure you leave the day informed of the latest trends and armed with new ideas on how to get the most from social media in the future.

If you want to know how social marketing can work more effectively for you, use our booking form or email

Multi channel specialist, Salmon, today announced that it has helped Morrisons to launch its first transactional eCommerce site

Morrisons launches first transactional eCommerce site with help from Salmon

Watford, London – 12th December 2012.  Multi channel specialist, Salmon, today announced that it has helped Morrisons to launch its first transactional eCommerce site,, which focuses on selling a comprehensive range of wines. offers customers a unique, personalised and enjoyable shopping experience, including:

  • An interactive Taste Test allowing customers to discover those wines most likely to suit their palette via three simple questions
  • The case builder tool giving customers the ability to build and keep track of a mixed case of wine 
  • Integration with Facebook allowing customers to share information with their friends

The new site is built on the same infrastructure as, (part of the Morrisons family) using WebSphere Commerce, Coremetrics, Endeca and advanced content management functionality developed by Salmon.

Since the site went live:

  • Repeat customers average 15%
  • All KPIs have been greatly exceeded – visitors, conversion and sales
  • Conversion is above expectation, due to the success of the taste test and the depth of the product range

Discussing Morrisons first venture into eCommerce, Scott Weavers-Wright, Kiddicare CEO and Kiddicare and General Merchandise Managing Director said; “This is the first step in Morrisons branded eCommerce and will enhance the overall wine offering for Morrisons. It will also provide valuable lessons on business processes and systems which will support the launch of other web sites and multi channel services.  We knew that the underlying platform, WebSphere Commerce, and functionality would enable us to deliver the new site quickly and yet be scalable for the future.”

Ken Platt, Head of Multi Channel eCommerce Delivery for, added: “Morrisons has a late mover advantage. By creating a scalable platform, focussed on user experience, the rapid roll out of further categories is certain and promises to set apart from its competitors.”

Salmon has provided a wide range of eCommerce services to design and implement the site and will provide 24/7 application support. Salmon used innovative working practices and approaches which combined Morrisons’ deep understanding of wine and customer behaviour with Salmon’s extensive eCommerce expertise. These enabled Salmon to deliver an innovative and functionally-rich site in a short period of time, which not only matched Morrisons business vision but also enhanced it.

Craig Harper-Ashton, Director of eCommerce at Salmon said; “Salmon played a key role in making a reality. We are delighted to see Morrisons realise the benefits of the new working practices adopted for this project.”

About Taste Test

A clever, interactive test to help guide consumers through the mystery of wine, the Taste Test is based on a scientific principle relating to the number of taste buds any one person possesses. Consumers will be asked three simple, non-wine related questions, the answers to which  are then converted by a complex algorithm and a piece of clever technology to reveal a score and flavour profile. The four profiles are sweet (0-3), fresh (4-6), smooth (7-9), intense (10-12). 

The entire range of Morrisons’ wines has been tasted by a six-strong team with calibrated palates and awarded a score against agreed criteria to enable it to fit within one of the four profiles. Red, whites, sparking and fortified have all been judged using the same scale so if a customer is a score 4 it is expected that wines within the fresh category of all colours will appeal to them. 

About Salmon

Salmon is a highly innovative regional systems integrator whose commitment to on-time, on-budget projects is increasingly embraced by the leading names in retail, insurance and financial services markets.  Since 1989, leading brands have been turning to Salmon for its ability to build, integrate and support business-led systems that add measurable competitive value to their day-to-day operations – and to their bottom line.  Salmon quickly understand business needs, creates realistic development schedules, and efficiently delivers solutions to plan; based around an ethos that marries a depth and breadth of development skills, with a management process that removes virtually all risk from successful project roll-outs.  Customers include Akzo Nobel, Argos, Bristol & West, Halfords, Novae and Selfridges. Salmon is headquartered in Watford, Hertfordshire and has offices in the US, China and Australia.  

For more details about Salmon visit

Learn how top retailers are connecting to customers in a unified 'Always On' multi-Channel World / The Giant iTab

Retail examples of taking Digital In-Store - an end of year review

Learn how top retailers are connecting to customers in a unified 'Always On' multi-Channel World, making the business case for cohesive growth in sales and customer engagement.

The attached report contains a host of different examples of how digital signage and touchscreen technology have been deployed into the Retail environment over the last couple of years. It offers a valuable insight into the capabilities that today's tablet and touch technology can offer and its relevance to retail, e-commerce and multi-channel marketin..

The Giant iTab is one such example which offers a touchscreen as an extension of our own daily use of digital. It can deliver all the functionality shown in the report but is 'unique' in that it can also be used to present new and existing Apps In-Store.


Touch2View, 59A Allfarthing Lane, London SW18 2AR
Tel: +44(0)7810 893911 | |

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Online consumer behaviour - exclusive webinar event with guest speaker, Senior Analyst Robert Brosnan from Forrester Research, Inc.

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Thousands of marketers work with Emailvision so we understand that the life of a digital marketer is not simple. Online consumer behaviour is changing dramatically as people spend more time on the internet, and access it from more devices and locations. At the same time, marketers are under constant pressure to have actionable customer data ready for the next campaign.

If this sounds familiar to you, please join us for this exclusive webinar event with guest speaker, Senior Analyst Robert Brosnan from Forrester Research, Inc. Robert will share his expert insight on what every digital marketer needs to know about Customer Intelligence to drive more relevant and successful marketing campaigns.

This webinar will...

Define Customer Intelligence

Discuss the impact of changes in online consumer behaviour

Provide recommendations for digital marketing professionals

Offer a Q&A with Nick and Robert

For more information, visit us at

We look forward to seeing you on December 11th at 4pm GMT.

Nick Heys
CEO of Emailvision

Join Us...







Tuesday, 11 December, 2012
4pm GMT

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WOW Analytics


Sir David Attenborough and Rapanui in Badger Christmas Number One Bid

A surprise challenger to this year’s X-Factor Christmas number one spot has come in the form of a charity single for the Badger Trust, featuring wildlife broadcasting superstars Sir David Attenborough and Chris Packham.

The charity single forms part of a campaign by eco fashion brand Rapanui, The Badger Trust and a group of charitable organisations and celebrities aiming to raise public support to stop the proposed Badger cull of 2013.


Chris Packham

All royalties from the single ‘The Present of Life’ – released 7th December - will go directly to the Badger Trust, who work to promote Badger welfare. The campaign also calls for signatories of Queen guitarist Brian May’s petition to the government to stop the Badger cull.

Eco fashion brand Rapanui recently won the RSPCA Good Business Awards for their work promoting Traceability and Ecolabelling in clothing supply chains, essentially popularising ethical consumerism. They partnered with music producers and secured celebrity support to promote the single and created a limited edition t-shirt for the Badger Trust.

Sir David Attenborough whose voice features in the single said:

“The government commissioned a scientific study into culling eleven thousand badgers. And the results, of that independent scientific study, were that culling is not a viable policy option."

Chris Packham said:

"The battle for the coveted Christmas number one spot is always tough but one we are ready for. It will be difficult going up against the X-Factor but we'll give it a good shot. It would be an amazing achievement."

And commented on farming:

85% of our countryside is farmed, and farmers are therefore major custodians of wildlife and sustainability in the UK. Farms are also businesses. It's understandable that a farmer on the verge of bankruptcy might look to drastic measures to reduce their losses. But science shows the cull isn’t the answer. If we supported farmers more and bought their produce, perhaps they'd lend their ear to environmentalists a little more easily. British consumers can help British badgers by supporting British farmers.”

Martin Drake-Knight co-founder of Rapanui said:

“At Rapanui science and sustainability is at the core of what we do. And sustainability is about science, not emotion. The badger cull is another example of the need for science to lead the way. This Christmas we decided to lend help and in doing so, make the issue more accessible for young people.”

Jeff Hayden of the Badger Trust Said:

“Young people are the future. They will inherit the earth and our responsibilities to it. This charity single and t-shirt collaboration is a great chance for us to bring the conservation of Badgers, plus wildlife conservation in general to a young, energetic audience. That can only be a good thing”


Friday, 7 December 2012

TheMarketingblog are delighted to feature a series of videos from Telephone Systems Direct which focus on improving your operation’s phone etiquette

“The enquirer who has been hanging on for ages will soon begin to think that they are of little importance” – Telephone Systems Direct

by Will Corry on December 5, 2012 in Gadgets, Latest News, Lead story, News you can use, Nuggets, Retail News, Videos

Exclusive : TheMarketingblog are delighted to feature a series of videos from Telephone Systems Direct which focus on improving your operation’s phone etiquette.

You will enjoy this ‘preacher’ one which has as its message - ‘Answer your telephone system by the 3rd ring’

To view more helpful phone tips, visit -

This will make a positive impression on the caller. The call will immediately be better than if you let the telephone ring four or five times or more.

You need to appreciate that when he/she is on the other end of the line listening to it ringing – time goes much more slowly than normal. This is because the person has not got any distraction of any kind. They are simply only hearing the sound of the ring-tone of the distant telephone. The enquirer who feels that he has been hanging on for ages will soon begin to think that they are of little importance to the outfit that they are calling and become irritable at the delay.

In fact the longer telephone remains unanswered the more their irritation will grow and could possibly see them putting the receiver down on the telephone system. As this could have been an important sales enquiry this is a very undesirable out come for the company.

If the client has a query or complaint then it is possible that you will have more trouble dealing with them if you have annoyed them further before you have even lifted your handset.

To view more helpful phone tips, visit –

Contact Telephone Systems Direct


Installing Telephone Systems Since 1992 – you join over 3000 businesses

Still a Family Owned Telecoms Firm – that has grown organically

Samsung Platinum Service Guarantees – for your piece of mind

Ongoing Unbeatable Discounts – lower costs of sale via phone & the internet

Human Answering of Your Enquiries – by our UK based personnel

Contact Telephone Systems Direct

0800 652 8052

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Arena Media, has won the £3m Ricola account

Leading integrated media planning and buying agency, Arena Media, has won the £3m Ricola account following a competitive pitch against three other agencies.

Ricola has been manufacturing innovative herbal sweets since it was founded in 1930, in the Swiss Alps.

The new Ricola campaign will launch in the New Year as the brand invests £3m on TV advertising across 2013 from an overall marketing budget of £5.5m.


The campaign marks a move back to TV advertising for the Swiss confectioner, following impressive year-on-year sales growth. All media will be planned and bought by Arena Media, with creative work being produced in-house.

The new campaign will highlight Ricola as the sweet with a natural mouthwatering taste that epitomises the Swiss Alps. The campaign will target upmarket 35-64 year old woman and will launch with a roadblock of programmes on Sunday night.

Andy Richman, Ricola Country Manager for UK and Ireland, commented: “Arena Media was selected for their focused approach, consumer understanding and their stand out creativity. We were impressed with their strategic creative thinking, which we know will help us continue to grow our brand in 2013 and beyond. We look forward to working with the team.”

Pedro Avery, Managing Director at Arena Media, added: “We are so pleased to have been chosen by Ricola to be their partner as they seek to build their brand in the UK! Ricola is another important win following ZSL just weeks ago. Having not advertised above the line for the past couple of years, this is a great opportunity to make a big impact and bring back the iconic sonic branding!”

Monday, 3 December 2012

Budding rugby players from the West London Free School and the All Blacks


The All Blacks landed in London ahead of their match against England on December 1st. On Friday morning, Air New Zealand organised for members of the team to descend on the rugby pitch at Regents Park for an impromptu kick about with budding rugby players from the West London Free School featuring giant balls. 




Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sendible, Bazookr and WOW Analytics – new UK social media business tools you should check

Here are three new UK social media business tools which we at theMarketingblog are going to use to make much needed progress in 2013. They are well worth checking out.

Do it now - Will Corry 01784 434 412 [email protected] Call today – your time will be very well spent.