Thursday, 25 April 2013

Can new tech fix the Retail problem? new tech fix the Retail problem?

The ideas and the innovations of interactive digital signage, online shopping and mobile browsing are here to stay and are being used each and every day.

Retailers can now vastly improve their customer instore experience by providing technology and solutions which helps customers to share the online experience they had at home and to revisit the phone browsing experience they had on a train and, by joining up the dots in the digital map, create an engaging multi-channel experience for customers shopping in their store.

We don?t proclaim to have all the answers, but we do have a few good ones. One?s which are currently proving themselves successful in the events and retail environment and returning impressive KPI and ROI results.

Feel free to get in touch.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The best of theMarketingblog - April 2013

Events : News from Adobe Summit EMEA including Predictive Publishing for Facebook

News from Adobe Summit EMEA including Predictive Publishing for Facebook Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) today announced a powerful new predictive publishing capability for Adobe® Social, which predicts social engagement on individual pieces of content and automatically suggests ideal timing to improve how that content will perform.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Yeo Valley team up with Shopitize

News Alert: Yeo Valley targets savvy smartphone shoppers / Shopitize

by Will Corry on April 23, 2013 in Apps, BIG Data, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, FaceBook, Google, iPhone, Lead story, LinkedIn, Media, Metrics, Mobile Marketing, Mobile/Tablet, Online Advertising, Pinterest, PR, Research, Retail, Retail News, Social Media, Twitter

The UK’s favourite family dairy teams-up with mobile rewards firm Shopitize to offer consumers exclusive organic deals and gain deep insight into their shopping behaviour

Favourite family dairy Yeo Valley has today jumped onto the fast-developing Shopitize ( mobile rewards platform to offer Britain’s savvy smartphone shoppers exclusive deals on its in-store ranges of home-grown organic products.

By teaming with Shopitize to offer rewards on whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, butter, sour cream, Creme Fraiche and Natural Probiotic Yogurt, Yeo Valley aims to build greater brand awareness with a new wave of shoppers and also gain fast and actionable insights into their buying behaviours at the checkout. The brand will then leverage that data as part of its forward multi-channel business strategy.

All shoppers need do to get cashback on Yeo Valley’s exclusive deals is download the free Shopitize app onto their smartphones. Using the app and its camera, they simply scan the barcodes of the goods featured in the mobile rewards service, take snaps of their shopping receipts, which are then automatically processed and validated by the Shopitize mobile ecosystem.

Cash rewards are then instantly credited to their Shopitize account for payout when users reach a minimum of £5 credit.

Matthew Falk, Yeo Valley’s retail marketing manager, explains: “Developing a relationship with our shoppers across multiple channels is key to our forward business strategy, whether it is in-store, at home, or on the go. We want to be able to target and engage with them at every opportunity and we see Shopitize’s mobile app becoming an important part of the forward marketing channel mix.”

Graham Halling, Shopitize’s commercial director, adds: “Understanding the shopping behaviour of consumers in real time enables brands to fine tune their business strategies and to better serve their customers. Yeo Valley now joins other leading brands such as Kellogg’s and United Biscuits to gain early market advantage into the changing shopping habits of Britain’s consumers using our mobile consumer engagement platform.”

Free app …

Shopitize developed its free mobile shopping rewards app and engagement platform specifically for brands to connect with customers in a way that’s emerging as one of the key marketing channels of the future to engage directly with Britain’s shoppers… a free app on their smartphones.

After a three month trial to validate the rewards service with 15,000 consumers, the app is now on general release and Shopitize aims to build the number of shoppers using the app to 100,000 by May 2013.

Shopitize’s Android app can be downloaded at and its iPhone app can be downloaded at

About Shopitize

Shopitize aims to change the way consumers interact with the brands they love. The more consumers join and use the Shopitize mobile shopping rewards service, the more its mobile shopping platform learns about consumers’ buying habits and the more sophisticated the exclusive deals they’ll receive, saving both time and money for consumers and the brands they love. Visit

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

All about 43 Digital

Who else wants to increase the effectiveness of their lead generation by over 500%? / 43 Digital

by Will Corry on April 21, 2013 in Advertising, Lead story, London & South East, Media, Mobile, Mobile/Tablet, Online Advertising, Online Video, Retail, Small Business, Startups, Videos

43 Digital provides a unique video lead generation solution combining Google and YouTube visibility with bespoke landing pages and incentivised calls to action. Watch one of  43 Digital’s videos.

FASTER Increases the effectiveness of your lead generation by over 500%.*

CHEAPER Reduces your reliance on PPC.

QUICKER Short cuts your path to a page 1 Google position.

Watch one of  43 Digital’s videos.

No one wants just a video, they want a response, engagement, a discussion, sharing, a measurable result.

For almost any subject matter, video provides the best way to get your message across in the fastest and most emotionally engaging way. It causes a reaction that a glossy brochure or website just can’t compete with.

Distributing good looking content is not enough for brands to be successful in the digital video space, and repurposing high quality TV commercials for digital channels and social networks won’t always cut the mustard online.

Digital video content is a completely different science, it’s about engaging audiences, getting a reaction and making it relevant to the viewer.

Successful video demands more than just views it seeks shares and interaction. It prompts discussion and seeks to build a long-term relationship with its viewers in the shortest time possible.

We deliver a fresh and innovative approach to digital video production with a focus on the required outcome.

Sometimes that’s about views, sometimes it’s about social media sharing and often its about tying video content to transactional value.

To find out more contact 43 Digital the good old fashioned way…

Phone: 0203 455 3656


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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Adconnection have announced the winner of their second annual ‘Innovations Challenge’

John Firth of IPC Media wins adconnection ‘Innovations Challenge’

by Will Corry on April 20, 2013 in Advertising, Apps, Apps & Software, Best advertising story, Events & Awards, FaceBook, Gadgets, Google, iPhone, Lead story, LinkedIn, Metrics, Mobile, Mobile Marketing, Pinterest, Retail, Retail News, Small Business, Twitter, Websites

Adconnection have announced the winner of their second annual ‘Innovations Challenge’ as John Firth from IPC Media Innovator.

Adconnection challenged a shortlist of nine media owners to present a five minute innovative media idea at their ‘Innovations Challenge’ which took place last week at their London head office. Each media owner was scored based on the quality of the idea and how it was presented.

The winning idea, VIP Live (Video in Print), is a technology which allows IPC Media to build a HD video screen into a bound insert into a magazine. VIP Live harnesses the power of the internet, mobile technology and the printed word and offers a refreshing answer to some of the multimedia challenges in today’s market. VIP Live, provided by Americhip, includes a built in 3G technology allowing a live link to digital servers.

John Firth, Advertising Manager at IPC Innovator said: “The adconnection ‘Innovations Challenge’ was a fantastic event – it was a real challenge to present an idea within five minutes, but a great opportunity to engage with so many at the agency in one go. With competitors from across the media landscape in digital, radio, outdoor and mobile, it was great to showcase how engaging and dynamic press can be. We will look forward to defending the title next year!”

Nick Baum, Client Services Director at adconnection, added: “The quality of the presentations at this year’s challenge was amazing and we were so impressed by the time and effort put into wowing our team. We were all buzzing with ideas afterwards and we look forward to exploring some of these opportunities with our clients. Huge congratulations go to John who did a great presentation and introduced us all to a concept which was way more than just a media idea, it also has huge PR potential and could take on a life of its own.”

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How consumers use their smartphones

Smartphone shopping in-store – connecting digital commerce with bricks and mortar / Dan Hartveld, Red Ant

by Will Corry on April 16, 2013 in Advertising, Apps, Apps & Software, Best advertising story, BIG Data, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, FaceBook, Gadgets, Google, iPhone, Latest News, Lead story, LinkedIn, Media, Metrics, Mobile, Mobile Marketing, Mobile/Tablet, Nuggets, Online Advertising, Online Video, Pinterest, QR Codes, Research, Retail News, Search Marketing, Social Media, Twitter, Websites

Dan Hartveld, Red Ant’s technical director writes  ..  As mobile continues to be a hot topic for everyone – tech pundits, brands and industry mavens – there’s still a question over exactly how consumers use their smartphones when they’re out shopping. We all think they’re doing it, we feel in our collective gut that they’re going to do more of it as digital commerce and multichannel experiences get better.

But are consumers actually getting out their smartphones in-store and using them to compare, share and buy?

The short answer is yes, they are – but it’s currently a fringe activity which has yet to realise its full potential as a revenue driver.

When we look at the current popular retail behaviours among smartphone users, it’s evident that they primarily use their phones for:

    • Price comparison with online retailers or competitors
    • Spontaneous sharing through social networks, text and email
    • ‘Showrooming’ (physically checking out products in-store then going on to get the best deals and make the purchase online)
    • Looking up product reviews (usually on Amazon rather than on the retailer’s specific site)
    • Finding local businesses and stock checking
    • Click and collect
    • Mobile vouchering (Orange Wednesday is probably the most successful voucher scheme of all time)

Most of these are ‘emergent’ behaviours –activities that users have come up with themselves using the tools they already have, because they have clear returns. Successful retailer-led activities reflect these behaviours – they have obvious, tangible benefits, universal reach, and are easy to understand.

Making the most of smartphones in a retail setting

The question is where can we go from here, given the ubiquity of smartphones and users’ increasing comfort with using them in a retail setting? Developments in mobile have gathered pace over the last couple of years or so, and they show no signs of slowing. There are a number of applications for new technology which have the potential to provide the consumer with an immersive, enriched shopping experience, with mobile as the central connecting device:

    • Augmented reality, bringing products to life with added information and illustrations
    • Mobile payments
    • Barcode scanning and NFC or other mobile tagging
    • Indoor location
    • Mobile ePoint of Sale and interactive free-standing display units using Kinect
    • Personalisation using mobile as ID
    • Customising the in-store environment (eg voting on in-store music)
    • Tablet kiosks
    • Virtual customer assistance and internal/staff management systems with the same polish as consumer apps
    • Out of hours shopping via window displays

Barriers to opportunity…

The potential for development in the mobile retail arena is clear – but as with all technology, barriers to implementation exist, and there are a number of challenges to consider alongside the opportunities:

  • Out of date back end infrastructures struggle to support mobile access (though this is changing as retailers replatform)
  • Poor in-store advertising and lack of in-store WiFi
  • Lack of visible direct benefits to users, and lingering concerns over privacy
  • Poor handset support for technology like NFC, and therefore low customer recognition
  • No single responsibility: internal barriers still exist between retail/ecommerce/digital/HR/ops departments and there’s a persistent worry about ‘cannibilisation’ of targets
  • Retailer ignorance of or resistance to emergent behaviours  – for example, some bury their heads in the sand about showrooming rather than embracing it
  • Brick and mortar focus on competing on price (a losing battle against online, as recent high street closures have shown) rather than competing on experience
  • Risk aversion in a recession environment

… and how to overcome them

Fortunately, there are practical steps to be taken to mitigate and overcome these challenges, some of which require more commitment than others, but all of which will help to open the door to mobile commerce and the opportunities it offers for increased and improved retail business:

    • Replatform to a product with good API support
    • Appoint multichannel champions with cross-department remit
    • Don’t do things for the sole benefit of the marketing or PR department
    • Pay attention to what is technically feasible and what will bring revenue and positive experiences, not what is currently ‘cool’ (Tweet mirrors spring to mind)
    • Use your consumer mobile apps as a base to move in-store
    • Look at internal user experiences with the same rigour you look at customer-facing ones – employees are consumers, too
    • Train staff to promote mobile
    • Remember customers see brands, not channels

The key point to bear in mind in all of this – one which will make sure brands don’t go too far off track in realising mobile’s full retail capabilities – is to keep the customer profile at the heart of whatever they do. It should all be for consumers and driven by them – a retailer’s aim should always be to make it easier/better for them to shop wherever and however they choose.

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Sunday, 14 April 2013

400 retailers meeting up at an exclusive 5 star venue in London

The 2013 Internet Retailing Awards on June 26 will see 400 retailers meeting up at an exclusive 5 star venue in London for an unrivalled night of networking and celebration with the luminaries of our industry

With a judging and nominations campaign that will run over the next 2 months, extensive marketing campaigns to the Internet Retailing databases and a major preview in the June issue of Internet Retailing magazine, event sponsors are in a position to benefit from exceptional brand exposure and a superb face to face experience on the night.

Take a look at the Awards Sponsor pack today - to request a pdf copy just reply to this email or call Andy James on UK +44-207-933 8999

You can purchase tickets online and make nominations at


UK +44-(0)7970579288
USA +1-917-261 4795
Skype; mpigou
Media, Events, Awards.

Buy tickets at:

Buy your tickets now

Abbey Telecom & Derian House Double Celebrations

Derian House needs £2.9m every year / Abbey Telecom

by Will Corry on April 14, 2013 in Events, Events & Awards, Gadgets, Latest News, Northern England, Retail, Videos

Double celebrations: Abbey Telecom staff with Karen Dudleston of Derian House

Watch the video

Derian House Children’s Hospice has found a new partner to celebrate it’s 20th birthday with.

Staff at Blackburn-based Abbey Telecom discovered that it shared the same milestone anniversary as the hospice after reading about fundraising appeals in the Lancashire Evening Post.

Now the company has formally adopted the facility in Astley Village, and has created an online animation video to promote it’s upcoming summer activities via social media.

Abbey Telecom managing director Tony Raynor said: “We’ve done bits and pieces of charity work over the years but we wanted to mark our 20th anniversary with some more formal, joined up support activity, both for now and in the future.

“When we read in the Lancashire Evening Post that Derian House was also celebrating its china anniversary this year, it seemed the perfect fit.

“Anyone currently working for a charity knows that it’s a challenging time for raising funds, so we thought that for starters the video would be a great way to give their campaign an additional push.

Derian House needs £2.9m every year to continue providing a range of palliative and respite care for children and youngsters aged up to 24.

Karen Dudleston from Derian House Children’s Hospice, said: “We were interested to hear that Abbey Telecom was also celebrating its 20th anniversary and thrilled when they approached us to adopt Derian House as their charity partner.

“We are very keen to get the company involved in spreading the word and working together throughout the year to help us reach our £3m fundraising target.

Donate on 01257 271271.

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Global Ad Spending Rises 3.2% in 2012

Europe only region globally to suffer fall in spend vs. 2011

London, 11 April 2013 - 2012 closed out on a positive note for the ad industry: globally, ad spend increased 3.2 percent year-over-year to $557 billion, according to Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report. A strong third quarter, which saw growth of 4.3 percent, helped drive the annual uptick. Ad spend growth then receded to a more modest 2.5 percent in the fourth quarter.

All regions except Europe increased their ad spending in 2012. Deep cuts to ad budgets continued in Europe, fuelling a 5.3 percent decrease for the final quarter, yielding an annual decrease of 4.2 percent. Even economic powerhouse Germany reported a 1 percent dip in the fourth quarter, the second consecutive quarter the country reported a decline in advertising spend.

Despite reporting a 0.8 percent increase in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared to the same period in 2011, the UK experienced a 1.6 decline for the full year.

Ad spending in North America remained on an upward trajectory at the end of the year, climbing 3.1 percent in the fourth quarter. This helped the region report 4.6 percent growth for the full year.

The Asian-Pacific market underperformed as well, as its annual increase in ad spend fell from 11.5 percent in 2011 to a mere 2.8 percent in 2012, propelled in part by China’s very slight gain of 1.9 percent for the year. 

The Middle East/African market showed impressive growth of 14.6 percent for the year as the region’s economy stabilized. Egypt was part of that turnaround, registering a 20.4 percent increase in spending. 

2012 Ad  spend by region

- ENDS -


Nielsen Global AdView Pulse measures ad spending for TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor, cinema and Internet display advertising. Some markets may exclude select media due to data availability.

About Nielsen

Nielsen Holdings N.V. (NYSE: NLSN) is a global information and measurement company with leading market positions in marketing and consumer information, television and other media measurement, online intelligence, mobile measurement, trade shows and related properties. Nielsen has a presence in approximately 100 countries, with headquarters in New York, USA and Diemen, the Netherlands. For more information, visit

Global retail trends for the next five years.

“One of the most anticipated pieces of research within the retail sector” / threepipe

by Will Corry on April 10, 2013 in BIG Data, Events, Events & Awards, Lead story, Research, Retail, Retail News

threepipe write …

Next month (May 9th) we are excited that we are jointly hosting an event with The Future Laboratory which will present global retail trends for the next five years.

This annual report from The Future Laboratory has become one of the most anticipated pieces of research within the retail sector and with so much change happening, we are expecting a fascinating event.

Retailers or anyone selling into retail should think about attending this three hour seminar. It normally costs £900 to attend which shows the value that is put upon the research. The seminar will examine trends both on and offline from a UK and global perspective in an industry which is in a constant state of flux.

This video shows some of the highlights from the 2012 research to give you a feel for some of the topics that will be presented.

We know this will be a very inspiring afternoon which will give everyone food for thought about their own retail strategy over the coming years.

We are expecting a lot of demand to attend the seminar, for any questions or to reserve your place, please call Anouska on 0207 632 4800 or email



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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Innocent Seeks to Engage Pots of Mobile Shoppers

Consumers buying any of innocent’s Veg Pots at Sainburys and Tesco outlets will be able to claim back £1 on these purchases / Shopitize

by Will Corry on April 9, 2013 in Apps, BIG Data, FaceBook, Google, iPhone, Lead story, LinkedIn, Metrics, Mobile Marketing, Nuggets, Pinterest, Retail, Retail News, Twitter

Innocent Seeks to Engage Pots of Mobile Shoppers

All eight recipes of Innocent Drinks’ Veg Pots now featured in Shopitize’s Mobile Shopper Rewards service; brand joins platform to gain insights into consumers’ purchases at the checkout

Mobile shopping platform and innovator Shopitize ( today announces that innocent drinks ( is the latest brand to join its mobile shopper rewards service with all eight recipes of its Veg Pots being added to the unique smartphone consumer engagement platform.

Consumers buying any of innocent’s Veg Pots at Sainburys and Tesco outlets will be able to claim back £1 on these purchases after snapping their paper receipts using the free Shopitize app and uploading the digital version onto the Shopitize consumer engagement ecosystem for validation.

Launched thirteen years ago, innocent is the number one smoothie brand in the UK and across Europe. It sells natural, healthy products from smoothies in little bottles and big cartons to a refreshing not-from-concentrate juice range along with veg pots to provide healthy, quick and tasty meals. Each year, innocent donates 10% of its profits to charity, mainly to the Innocent Foundation, which funds NGOs in the countries where its fruit is sourced.

“Given the rapid and continued growth in smartphone usage in the UK, the Shopitize app offers us a great way to engage our consumers in store,” says Emilie Stephenson, innocent’s brand manager. “This new couponing service will give us insights into our consumers’ behaviours at the point of purchase and we are delighted to be trialling it.”

Graham Halling, commercial director of Shopitize, adds: “Gaining insights into the shopping habits of consumers is fast becoming central to the business strategies of brands and the fundamental role of Shopitize is to provide them with such key data.”

It’s the smartphone shopping revolution …

Following initial trials of the revolutionary mobile service with 15,000 savvy shoppers, results showed that regular users were getting up to 80% cashback on the RRP of featured products. The Shopitize app service then went mainstream in April and can now be downloaded by any smartphone user in Britain.

All savvy shoppers need do is visit their local supermarket and buy the products featured in the Shopitize app. Using the app, they scan the barcodes of the items on offer and then take snaps of their shopping receipts, which are then automatically processed and validated by the Shopitize mobile ecosystem. Cashback is then instantly credited to their Shopitize account for payout when they reach £5 credits.

Some 50 deals figure currently in the couponing service and more are added each week from brands that have signed up for the Shopitize service. These include Aunt Bessie’s, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Little Dish, Kraft’s Philadelphia with Cadbury and United Biscuits. All are gaining deep insight into the shopping habits of their consumers in near real time.


Shopitize app developers are constantly upgrading the app to ensure the perfect user experience.

Shopitize’s Android app can be downloaded at:

Shopitize’s iPhone app can be downloaded at:

About Shopitize

Shopitize aims to change the way consumers interact with the brands they love. The more consumers join and use the Shopitize mobile couponing ecosystem, the more its mobile shopping platform learns about consumers’ buying habits and the more sophisticated the exclusive deals they’ll receive, saving both time and money for consumers and the brands they love. Visit

About innocent:

Launched thirteen years ago, innocent is the UK and Europe’s favourite smoothie company selling natural healthy products in 15 countries and employing over 250 people across Europe.

Innocent’s mission is to make it easy for people to do themselves some good and to make it taste good too. In addition to pure fruit smoothies, their successful latest products – veg pots and an NFC juice range – fit with their mission of getting natural healthy products to as many people as possible.

As a business, innocent want to leave things better than they find them. This is reflected in everything they do from the use of green electricity at Fruit Towers, to sourcing fruit from places that go the extra mile in terms of looking after the people that work on the farms, and the environment. They donate a proportion of profits every year to charity, mainly to the innocent foundation, which funds NGOs in the countries where fruit is sourced.


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Monday, 8 April 2013

The older generation are not just embracing the internet, they are discovering it is invaluable

The Silver Surfing Elephant – How the internet is transforming our grocery habits / Hotcow

by Will Corry on April 9, 2013 in Lead story, Uncategorized

Hotcow is a multi-award winning Experiential Marketing agency. They write .. An article in this weeks Grocer entitled ‘Counter culture: Inside shopping demographics’ sparked a number of conversations in the office today.

The article primarily discusses the myth many of us hold true about different demographics – e.g. Older people are not so comfortable with the internet and the very young are connected 24/7 and use the world wide web to satisfy their various needs.

The reality is actually quite the opposite.

In fact, the older generation are not just embracing the internet, they are discovering it is invaluable. Particularly when ordering the weekly shop – less hassle, no travel and most importantly, no laborious lugging, loading & unloading.

Students on the other hand tend to shop more sporadically. Lack of suitable storage space in shared student houses often dictates how much they can actually purchase – often less than than a minimum order from a supermarket online offering.

So here is the elephant:

  • 30% of the UK is over 50 years old.
  • this same 30% holds 80% of the wealth in the country.

Furthermore, it looks like these guys are migrating over to the dark side of grocery shopping where they don’t even need to set foot in a store.

So what does this mean for brands?

At Hotcow, we work with brands to create programs that drive consumer trial and awareness.We know that if consumers try your product, they will likely go on to purchase.

But if your target audience are staying away from the supermarket entrance, where and how are brands supposed to engage with consumers?

The answer is to widen the net and look at creating a sampling strategy that looks beyond the supermarket alone.

Brands need to look more closely at how often they sample at leisure events & destinations.

Brands need to again look closely at how memorable their sampling activities are – what impression do they want their target audience to leave with is sip sampling the best way to be memorable and inspire people to talk enthusiastically about your product?

Leisure based destinations benefit from a different consumer mindset – people are out there to have a good time. This is a choice, not a weekly chore.

So tap into this mindset and create experiences that fit in with the focus of the day – by this we mean the consumer focus – not yours!

If you are appealing to the over 50’s, you need to really develop experiences that speak to that audience – this is the great thing about targeting sampling at a leisure based destination, than say a supermarket or high street. You can predict the target audience with a greater degree of accuracy.

At Hotcow we have designed consumer engagement programmes that target the people we need to talk to. We don’t waste time speaking with and handing out samples to people who don’t want your product.

So if you want to plan for the future, you need to understand where your customers are going to be. If the point of purchase is going to increasingly be in front of a computer screen – you need to find ways to drive trial elsewhere.

Hotcow is a multi-award winning Experiential Marketing agency. We get brands in front of consumers in ways that persuade them to buy. We fully implement our ideas; nothing needs to be farmed out. For more information or free consultation,contact us


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About exporting behaviour change to Abu Dhabi to underpin its new-found growth in a more sustainable way

In the mid-1990s, Dubai became the centre of the universe, the new global financial hub and construction boomed. At one time, it was estimated that a quarter of the world’s cranes were parked in the city.

Despite the global recession, confidence remains high in Dubai. There are grand development plans including a new ‘city’, hotel occupancy increased 82% year-on-year to June 2012 and there was an increase in foreign visitors of 10% over the same period.

This latest growth heralds a different way of thinking about sustainable development. In January this year Abu Dhabi hosted Sustainability Week 2013. Attended by more than 30,000 delegates from 150 companies, the summit explored how progress can be made whilst ensuring everyone has a decent standard of living, but without compromising the needs of future generations.

Across the developed world, business leaders are slowly grasping the conundrum of the ‘new nexus’: treating food, water and energy as a combined entity rather than in three separate silos.Corporate Culture


Mobile email big business within the performance channel

One of the most rapidly evolving phenomenon’s in how consumers are accessing information digitally is the devices they’re turning to in order to access their emails. In fact, 41% of emails are currently viewed on a mobile device. With this figure widely expected to surpass desktop by the end of this year, there are clear opportunities and threats for advertisers in how they approach mobile email opportunities in the performance channel.

Re-targeting customers who have abandoned their baskets has also shown considerable growth in the past couple of years and with the rise of mobile commerce, the two elements have combined to enable re-targeting through mobile devices.

Just as we see sectors such as group buying significantly over indexing in terms of the share of sales generated through mobile devices, we also see basket abandonment emails outperform other publisher types generating sales through mobile handsets.

An impressive 13% of all sales that a leading basket abandonment publisher (Ve Interactive) drives are generated through mobile handsets; more than double that across our network as a whole and again indicative of changing consumer behavior and the move towards mobile email.


We can break this down further to look at the handsets that are generating sales. This has also been compared to a report produced by Knotice looking into the devices that were being used to view emails in Q3 and Q4 2012.

Knotice saw 29% of all email being opened on mobile devices. By focusing purely on mobile handsets we have been able to compare the devices that are typically being used for viewing emails to those that are driving sales for Ve Interactive.


From the chart above it is evident that Ve Interactive sees similar trends across devices for transactions as Knotice has seen for consumers receiving their email. However, the publisher slightly over indexes on sales through Android and Blackberry while it under indexes on the iPhone and ‘other’ handsets. Over 65% of sales are generated through the iPhone showing this is not only the most popular handset for picking up email but also that iPhone users also show a high propensity to transact with the retailers being promoted.

The Android / iPhone trend is one to watch as Android is leading the smartphone charge, with the gap set to narrow considerably in 2013.

By looking at the advertisers that are generating not only significant volumes of sales through mobile handsets, but also a high proportion of their total sales, we can begin to understand the sectors that are performing well through mobile commerce,  particularly through email.

Daily deals and group buying are two sectors that have performed exceptionally well on mobile devices and tie in with the convenience afforded through accessing emails through handsets. Ve Interactive has generated an incredible 26% of sales for one daily deal site through mobile handsets. Consumers are readily turning to mobile to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest offers so they do not miss out on any deals.

This is not the only sector that is thriving through mobile though, far from it. Ve Interactive has also driven significant volumes of sales through handsets for advertisers within retail, telecoms and travel with upwards of 20% of sales generated through mobile handsets for some advertisers within these sectors.

“The increase in the use of smartphones for opening and reading emails initiates new and diverse opportunities for marketers. As smartphones can significantly support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) functionalities over desktop emails, the engagement and experience can be improved to maximise Click Through Rate (CTR)” – Roddy Scaife, Production Director, Ve Interactive

With mobile set to overtake desktop as the favoured device for picking up email by the end of the year, advertisers can benefit from close partnerships with the publishers that are able to effectively target consumers through mobile devices.

Research conducted by Matt Swan, Client Strategist – Affiliate Window

For press enquiries, please contact:

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Shopitize lets users redeem mobile coupons for cash back

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Will Corry's insight:

Clear, easy to understand explanation of Shopitize Score 82

“A shameless piece of marketing masquerading as a Thank You card” / | TheMarketingblog

From - April 6, 11:52 AM

“Every customer should be sent a Thank You card in this day and age. Especially as we sell Thank You cards.”, challenger brand to

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Important 'not to be missed' conference end April 2013 Score 81

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Marks & Spencer will reveal its worst slump in clothing sales since the arrival of chief executive Marc Bolland three years ago.The beleaguered chief

Events : OPS is the Future of Advertising | TheMarketingblog

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Accelerate growth and profitability through operations & technology London | April 23, 2013etc Venues200 AldersgateLondon EC1A 4HD

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This year's Class of 2013 research, the latest in a series of annual studies conducted by Prudential since 2008, tracks the plans and expectations of people