Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Think BIG - act fast!


12+ more articles guaranteed to be loaded into www.themarketingblog.co.uk - and the price is right too!

Create more new and repeat business for your client with dramatically increased social media exposure

Please could you bring this new ‘12 story exposure plan’ from theMarketingblog to the attention of your client. It will give them at least twelve guaranteed articles with an end objective of producing quality solid results for their team to convert into business.  

Here’s how it works. Do you want to get increased coverage for them across the social media sectors and regular exposure in www.themarketingblog.co.uk?

·         www.themarketingblog.co.uk  - Currently getting 18,000 unique visitors each month. We are pushing hard to get this up to 27,000 plus within the next six months

·         theMarketingblog Newsletter – reach 65,000 UK marketing decision makers and influencers

·         Seed nurturing right across targeted prospects in ..

50 LinkedIn marketing group sites with a combined UK reach of 800,000+  marketing decision makers and influencers,

1,500 Twitter followers – we will be adding another 1,000 targetted Twitter followers each month

Facebook, Pinterest and Google + etc.

·         Plus solid coverage in my other support sites Tumblr, Blogger and Posterous

You will find a more detailed explanation of the potential here..

The bottom line is they can have their videos / articles guaranteed to appear for 12 exposures across all these platforms. It could be over 12 weeks or 12 months – they make the choice. All this at the very, very low outlay of only £630   (That’s less than £53 per time – a no brainer).  One other point – the series of three blogs on how different end-users are using social media for marketing could be accommodated there.

If you can help it would be great and really appreciated. I am always available for a chinwag so your client can talk with me – anytime.
Will Corry
Building trust from engaging content
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Thank you for shearing such types of article with us.very nice blog for shear Lead Generation information.

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